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Our Books! 


The Jasper's Great Canadian Adventure series was created by Doug and Shannon to introduce children to the beauty of Canada and to remind grown-ups who may have forgotten.
It's a travel series for anyone who has ever wondered what lies beyond their own backyard.

Jasper has been enjoyed by children throughout Canada and over 65 countries worldwide. The series and plush toy were also featured at the Canadian Pavilion at EPCOT, Walt Disney World.


All four of our books are now available in the studio or online for $20 each with combined shipping for any set up to 4 books! 


School Visits!:

Over the years, I have visited approximately 100 schools and led over 400 interactive creative writing presentations at schools across Alberta and Ontario with our Jasper books. For more information on school bookings, please email me at:

It's summertime in the Rocky Mountains and Jasper is visiting the National Parks with his Little Girl. But where could she be? As Jasper sets out to find her, he explores the wilderness of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Come along with Jasper as he embarks on his Great Canadian Adventure.

Hardcover - ISBN:0973390808 - 32 pages, 11.5 x 9"


As Jasper continues to search for his lost Little Girl, his travels lead him to beautiful British Columbia. On the way to the Pacific Ocean, Jasper explores Kelowna, Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino. Join Jasper as he encounters monsters and whales and even learns how to surf on his Great Canadian Adventure.

Hardcover - ISBN:0973390816 - 32 pages, 11.5 x 9"


In his third adventure, the dusty trail leads Jasper back to rugged Alberta. Along the way, Jasper whoops it up at the Calgary Stampede, takes on dinosaurs in Drumheller! Come Along with Jasper as he learns about jealousy and discovers courage in himself on his Great Canadian Adventure.

Hardcover - ISBN:0973390824 - 32 pages, 11.5 x 9"


In Jasper's fourth adventure, the lonely road leads Jasper to the farmlands and lakes of Saskatchewan. Come along with  Jasper as he learns about extinction and respect for the environment on his Great Canadian Adventure.

Hardcover - ISBN:0973390834 - 32 pages, 11.5 x 9"

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