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  • What should I bring?
    Just your imagination, all materials are included!
  • What should I wear?
    Best to dress for mess! Old clothes, old shoes... definitely not your favourite outfit!
  • When should I arrive?
    A few minutes before is fine. Try not to be too early as we are cleaning up after the previous class/party. Kids that arrive early or are picked up late will be given a double espresso! Also please try to be on time as the other kids tend to get antsy waiting.
  • Are the Littles classes unparented?
    They are unparented as the kids tend to be more creative on their own. Separating can be hard at first, so parents are welcome to stay if they'd like.
  • Are make up classes available?
    We've done make up classes in the past, but scheduling them is difficult. If you can't make a class we can add your child to another weekly class working on the same project to get caught up.
  • What if they misbehave?
    Kids are kids and we all have bad days. I have had to call parents a couple of times in the past, but please remind them to treat the other kids with kindness and respect. Like Bill & Ted said, "be excellent to each other."
  • Cancellation policy?
    Kids get sick and things come up. I'm pretty flexible, so refunds are given, but try to give us notice well in advance as it's not fair to the families we've had to turn away due to the class and party times being full.


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